[PoD] Actualización gráfica para usuarios modo de video ddraw

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[PoD] Actualización gráfica para usuarios modo de video ddraw

Mensaje por reMantiX » 07 Abr 2021, 09:41

Hola a Todos:

Últimamente no paramos. Nueva actualización gráfica para los que utilizan el modo de video ddraw. Si utilizas otra modalidad de video no tendrás que actualizar. Las modificaciones son las siguientes:
An update is now available for players who use the ddraw video mode. If you use glide or GDI then you can disregard this message.

* New .ini setting for saving and restoring window position/size/state on game exit - [ddraw]savesettings=0/1/2
* New .ini compatibility setting for the opengl renderer - [ddraw]nonexclusive=true/false
* New .ini setting for disabling window resizing - [ddraw]resizeable=true/false
* Fixed a bug where the Alt key was stuck after pressing Alt+Tab
* Fixed a bug in Diablo II where the cursor was jumping with adjmouse=true in some cases
* adjmouse=true does now work in combination with devmode=true
* Alt+Enter hotkey combo is now disabled in case fullscreen= is set to true
* Game speed limiter can now be disabled [ddraw]maxgameticks=-1
* Minor bug fixes & improvements

:warning: Some of these changes will immediately apply after the update. But some require changes to the ddraw.ini file so delete your ddraw.ini and let the launcher grab the latest. You can then reapply your changes afterwards by editing the file.

Reminder of hotkeys:
[Alt] + [Enter] = Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode
[Ctrl] + [Tab] = Unlock cursor
[Right Alt] + [Right Ctrl] = Unlock cursor

Credit to CNC team for the changes